About Us


With over 25 years of experience in the firearms and shooting sports industry, the team at Advance Warrior Solutions have produced innovative and modern designed products for every type of shooter, from beginner, to competitive shooters, generations of hunters, law enforcement, and military.  The Dirty Bore product line has been rigorously tested for over three years in order to bring the most effective, bio-based cleaner and lubricants to the market. 

Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner is an American made, non-toxic, bio-based cleaner that has no scent and is strong enough to clean the toughest fouling and carbon buildup including black powder burns. Safe for all materials and will not cause any damage to wood-stain and external coatings. Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner and CLP are safe with all other chemistries.

Through Nano technology and bio-based ingredients, Dirty Bore Gun cleaner provides not only powerful cleaning ability but also lubrication using all natural, plant-based oil and fat additives.

Dirty Bore CLP is a combination of Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner paired with our proprietary protectant that can withstand up to 750 degree temperatures while still preventing carbon and fouling build up- without compromising strength or protection. Once applied Dirty Bore CLP provides a thin layer of protection, which amplifies as the weapon heats up, leaving no residue when it reaches a gaseous state. Dirty Bore CLP is a non-stick protectant and allows the carbon and fouling to release with the pressure of internal explosion after each shot.

All of our products come backed by a worry-free, lifetime guarantee.

We are proud supporters and defenders of our 2nd Amendment rights and appreciate your business.  Welcome to the AWS / Dirty Bore family!

Directions for use:

  • Make sure weapon is unloaded prior to cleaning
  • Apply Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner or Dirty Bore CLP
  • Spray 3-4 times in and around the rear of the bore
  • Allow Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner / CLP to run through the Bore 
  • Run 2-3 patches with Dirty bore Gun Cleaner / Dirty Bore CLP thru the Bore 
  • To achieve a mirror like finish and complete protection, run a bore buffer with a small amount of Dirty Bore CLP through the cleaned bore.

Always practice safe handling and operation of a firearm.

Thank you again for choosing Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner and Dirty Bore CLP.