Dirty Bore CLP 2oz Bottle – Lavander


2oz Spray Bottle Lavander – Bio Based Firearms Cleaner

  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless
  • Made in USA
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Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner is an American made Bio-Based cleaner that has no scent and is non-toxic…but is strong enough to clean the toughest fouling and carbon buildup including black powder burns. Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner is safe on all materials and will not cause any damage to wood-stain and coatings like Cerakote and more.  DirtyBore is safe to use with other chemicals. We guarantee you will never want to use another cleaner again. Lifetime warranty and money Back guaranteed!


  • Make sure weapon is unloaded prior to cleaning
  • Apply Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner or Dirty Bore CLP
  • Spray 3-4 times in and around the rear of the bore
  • Allow Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner / CLP to run through the Bore
  • Run 2-3 patches with Dirty bore Gun Cleaner / Dirty Bore CLP thru the Bore
  • To achieve a mirror like finish and complete protection, run a bore buffer with a small amount of Dirty Bore CLP through the cleaned bore.

Remember to exhibit Firearm safety at all times when you are at the Range, in the woods and on Duty because it’s not only important to exhibit Firearm safety but to teach others around you by example! Thank you again for choosing Dirty Bore Gun Cleaner